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Take a trip into China's well-connected interior and discover the gateway city of Shijiazhuang with our customized Chan Traveling China travel package. Let the Chan Brothers help you discover and customize your travel package and set off to the natural playgrounds that surround ShijiZhuanang.

Some of China's most popular adventures include the Silk Road, the Yangzi River cruise and exploring Dr. Seuss' Land in Guangxi Province. China is a place where you can spend years and not fully experience everything it has to offer. The general area of Shijiazhuang is planted with many other historical villages, which offer visitors an insight into traditional Chinese life. It is very convenient to access a number of tourist attractions in the ShijiZhuanang area, such as the Great Wall, Golden Gate Bridge and Tiananmen Square, as well as a variety of restaurants and shops.

The main local routes are Hangzhou, Chongqing and Guangzhou, while the international routes include ports in East and Southeast Asia. A small number of international flights also fly directly to European cities such as Shanghai, Guangdao and Qingdiao.

International flights are currently being diverted to Wuhan as a replacement - all incoming flights to and from Beijing have been diverted. All other international passenger flights to and from Beijing will continue to be diverted to certain airports such as Beijing International Airport, Beijing Airport or Beijing Capital Airport. International flights have been diverted to Wohuang Airport and Beijing Central Airport, as well as other airports in the Chinese capital, with some non-stop international flights diverted to the country's other two major international airports (Beijing and Tianjin), as well as Shanghai and Guangdao.

If you have obtained an ETD in China, you will need an exit visa from the Public Security Bureau before you can leave. The traveler must then file a health declaration with the Chinese authorities and apply for a visa at the Chinese Embassy in Singapore.

Meanwhile, all passengers entering Shanghai from abroad, including those who have switched from Shanghai, will undergo virus testing and centralized quarantine for 14 days. If you intend to change employers while in China, check whether you need a new visa or work permit to do so. You can work in Shanghai as long as you have a valid work visa from the Chinese Embassy in Singapore, but you are not allowed to do so, and visitors travelling through Shanghai must apply for a 144-hour visa waiver.

British nationals travelling to China from a third country following the instructions of the Consulate should contact us for more information before their planned trip. British citizens travelling from China to third countries should follow the instructions in our consulate.

If you want to visit Hong Kong from mainland China and return to mainland China, you will need a visa to enter China for a second time if you wish. It should be noted that entry to China is not guaranteed without a visa waiver. Chinese border officials have the right to refuse entry to you without warning or explanation. British nationals require visas to travel to mainland China including Hainan Island from Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Hongdao, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangdong.

The British Embassy in Beijing has received a number of cases where you have been refused and this may be related to your previous travel history. On November 4th, the Chinese Embassy in the UK announced a visa waiver for non-Chinese nationals in the UK who hold a Chinese visa or residence permit.

The increase in cases comes as China and the World Health Organization are negotiating an agreement for World Health Organization investigators to examine the possibility of coronavirus detection in China, as well as in other countries in the Middle East and North Africa. China is trying to shape the story of when and where a pandemic begins, and its chief diplomat, Wang Yi, says more and more studies show pandemics occur in multiple regions.

On Wednesday, Beijing officials also asked those who had recently traveled to Shijiazhuang and Xingtai to share their travel history to China as part of their travel history. Persons, including their spouses and children under 18 years of age, who intended to travel to China to provide for themselves or their parents. The Beijing official encouraged all people who have traveled to Shjiazhauang or Xedtai, or who have recently traveled from there, to publish their travel stories to and from Sh Jiaotong, the capital of the province.

Shijiazhuang is one of the largest railway hubs in China, with its main railway station at the intersection of Zhanqian Street and Zhongshan Street. The main transport hub in China is undoubtedly the railway station, which is located at the intersection of three major railway lines in China and connects the motorway network between Beijing, Taiyuan and Cangzhou. Railway stations connect Shij Diazhauang with the main railway stations in Beijing and the capital Xingtai, as well as with other cities and municipalities in the province. Departure from Sh Jiaotong railway station and arrival at a bus station via a direct bus line or from a railway station.

More About Shijiazhuang

More About Shijiazhuang